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It’s bigger than some competitors but if you’re staying in and need high-quality audio, this will do the job wonderfully. Sennheiser PC 363D: £209.99, en-uk.This packs in much of Sennheiser’s best audio technology – like virtual surround sound – and sticks a great microphone on the front.

Perfect for gaming, where you’ll be able to hear and shout at people with crystal clarity. Samson Meteor: £55.56, uk This will slot into your bag, so you can record when out and about.

For example, Chrome (that ever popular browser option and the brain behind many a Chromebook) doesn't support the 3D game engine Unity while Firefox, Opera and Safari do.

That said, more often than not the same game that requires Unity comparability will be available as a separate app in the Chrome Web Store so if you aren't willing to break your Chrome Commitment, your woes will be minimal.

If you’re looking to record conversations between a number of people, lay down a track from either an instrument or a computer, or make your own podcast or radio show, then a standalone microphone is best. Audio-Technica AT2020: £125, uk The USB version of Audio-Technica’s well-loved microphone, this is a versatile piece of kit.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? However, the jury is still out on whether VR porn will really take off, and some of IBTimes UK's journalists found the experience intensely creepy.We are glad to welcome you to the best source of popular free online games .The user views an anime sex scene in the virtual reality headset and role plays as the male character in the Oculus Rift sex adventure game "Sexy Beach", which was designed for Tenga by Japanese erotic game developer Illusion and has now been adapted into a virtual reality mobile app.Although virtual reality is still a burgeoning technology in its second spring, the adult industry is very interested in the concept of VR porn, to the extent that in March, popular adult website Pornhub launched its own virtual reality section in partnership with VR porn firm Ba Doink VR and gave away 10,000 free Google Cardboard virtual reality goggles to users.