How to overcome dating insecurity

We all have working models for relationships that were formed in our early attachments to influential caretakers.Whatever our early pattern was shapes our adult relationships, a subject I address in more detail in the blog "How Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationship." Our style of attachment influences which partners we choose and the dynamics that play out in our relationships.Just about anyone who has felt the rush of falling in love would agree that the experience is like being strapped into an amusement park thrill ride — a swirling blend of conflicting emotions.

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but hopefully, by being patient, being cool, and being positive, you’ll create a feeling in your boyfriend that he’s LUCKY to have found such a rare and amazing woman.

But for many people, ordinary apprehension of the unknown grows into full-blown fear.

For them, the psychological and emotional stakes in the relationship feel sky high, and the outcome is weighted with all sorts of implications about their own well-being and self-image.

Where fear and insecurity often trip people up is while interacting with someone they like on a date.

Believe it or not, usually both people are dealing with similar feelings.