Java validating xml schema ranch

What I want is I want to get the location(xpath) of the invalid data. Error Handler; class Xsd Schema Sax Validator With Error Handler This is the project page of xpath_tracker with crucial implementation detail.

An xsd schema shouldn't be a take-it-for-granted, though one would probably guess it is, as validate can be against a DTD or relaxng or anything one can imagine. Communication can be passed between components, such as an enterprise system and a client application, by utilizing schemas. Hewlett-Packard, HP Application Server, Technical Guide Version 8.0, HP, Nov. In addition, a business process manager component can be included that allows process engineers to define workflows, and allows application views to be invoked as business services.A schema can ensure that a communication, such as a request or response, is in the proper format for one of the components. In a workflow, a callout can be made to an EIS to get information such as a customer's credit record.At least portions of the XML document can be validated against the XML schema, such as by using a schema object model. A protocol such as SOAP can be used to invoke a web service.The XML document can be passed on to the client application after validation. Another protocol that may be used includes UDDI, a platform-independent, open framework for describing services, discovering businesses, and integrating business services using the Internet.