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The couple first rose to popularity in early 1998 when Lucky helps Elizabeth recover after she has been raped.The teenagers take part in a slow and innocent romance, interrupted in 1999 when Lucky is presumed dead in a fire.

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However, this is not going to be easy, since Lorainne has become very jealous, especially, when it comes to Candy getting closer... / Down the four leaf clover highway, all the signs are pointing my way. Her co-star was Robert Cummings, long-time Hollywood leading man and television star.This all changes when one day Candy catches the eye of celebrity song writer, Dick Carson.Candy has no idea who he is, but, the rest of the troupe, especially Schneider, believes this is their lucky break.When Candy realizes who he really is, she's furious because he deceived her. See more » "Lucky Me" was the first musical to be shot in the then, new process, Cinema Scope.By this time, Dick has "fallen head over heels" for Candy - this could be a problem, since he is currently dating another girl, Lorainne, the daughter of an oil tycoon. It was also a picture that Doris Day, Hollywood's Golden Girl, did NOT want to make.