Married woman dating married men

Lord knows my Gates Millennium Scholar ass was definitely too intelligent to be one of them.Fast forward 10 years on the continent and girrrrllllll!!!!Some will go for the man with a ring on it for the thrill of it. And an affair with a married man is the ultimate risk-taking.5 Engaging in competition Some women thrive on competition with the other woman, even when in reality, the competition is not really there because of one important detail-the man is married.6 Better sex While married women are out there complaining about their men’s lack of stamina in bedroom affairs, the single ones are striving to bed him for the exact opposite reason.READ ALSO: Is this how you eat mutura at your ka-local? Dating a married man who will go out of his way to please you as the mistress makes women feel like they have some form of power over the man’s marriage.His findings will parallel many of the points I will explain to better understand why the other woman slept with your man.1.Women want and need attention, appreciation, and passion.And he makes a clear distinction between practical and spiritual issues.

I was shocked to see a list of such amateurish quality, as it had no depth to explain our human nature.

On the Huffington Post, Jennifer Garam wrote "Why I Had An Affair With A Married Man" where she describes her affair experience."Before meeting David, I felt dead.

But suddenly, I was alive, desired, and filled with passion and vitality.

His preaching style is so electrifying that even if you take an overdose of sleeping pills, you are unlikely to sleep with TD in front of you.

He tackles contemporary topics and issues by offering practical and spiritual solutions to life’s toughest questions.