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Against criticism she received for her usage of brown emojis in a tweet applauding A&E’s decision to revamp its (now canceled) docuseries on the KKK, Pompeo told followers, “You do realize...being married to a black man and having black children can make you a target from racist white people right?That's a thing.” In response to one user’s taunt (“SHUT UP, WHITE LADY”) she tweeted, “That's white lady with a black husband and black children to you babe.”In their respective contexts, the tweets from Teigen and Pompeo look very different if not completely contradictory.Being a product of interracial parents, I know all the difficulties they went through in the 90s and, even today, what I personally have to endure.Even though it has become more common for people to date outside of their culture and race, there are still many difficulties present.Chrissy Teigen snubs the nose of a professed white supremacist and flounces away with her superstar black husband and multiracial child; Pompeo calls up her black husband and children to deflect criticism.And yet, very similarly, both position interracial relationships — implied in Teigen’s case — and multiracial children as the antidote to racism.My family’s prejudices around marriage were just reserved for the more familiar American race war of calling black-white relationships “wrong” or “unfair to the children.” My husband and I married anyway, with the hard-won support of all our parents when the day finally came.Seven years later we have three biracial children who are beloved by their grandparents, as am I.

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Racism is one of the first rationales that comes to mind for the simple fact that if someone has a race or ethnicity that stirs them the wrong way, that person would not be comfortable with someone they care about dating someone else from that certain hated race.

On January 23, Chrissy Teigen — model, “domestic goddess,” and number one John Legend troll — decided to have some fun with Richard Spencer on Twitter. Teigen’s @reply: “you became someone who was punched in the face.”When Spencer attempted to embarrass Teigen, implying she was not educated enough to recognize a quote from Mandela (while, again, the quote in question was not from Mandela), Teigen responded with “you are a literally a nazi. Not only is multiraciality the antithesis of racism, the tweet suggests, it’s Nazi kryptonite — and if social engagement is any indication, the general Twittersphere agreed.

Now best known as the neo-Nazi who got punched at the January 20 presidential inauguration, Spencer was salving his wounded pride with a “selection of Nelson Mandela quotes. The tweet to which Teigen responded, however, was actually a quote from Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. With over 60,000 retweets and likes, Teigen’s pièce de résistance received more activity than any others in the exchange combined.

That they are both able to invoke this rationale so congruently points to a culture-wide infatuation with interracial relationships and their heteronormative outcome, multiracial children.

In advertising, on film, and on TV, there is a common preference for multiracial-looking people, along with the belief that they represent a utopian political future.