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The app also lets you follow other users you speak with often, and it lets you send private messages. However, the Banter team succeeds in ways that Facebook and Twitter fall short.“I think we have to identify what we’re doing as chat rooms because that’s what people know and understand,” said Busey in an interview with Venture Beat.The first time I ever ate at Allen Suh's Gato Arigato, he was experimenting with gold leaf. The 24/7 live feed launched last October in tandem with the Animal Planet show "Meet the Sloths," and the feed shows the exploits of male sloth Cocoa and his two female roommates Bonnie and Okra.It's like "Three's Company" if nobody did anything. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Let’s face facts: Most animal livestreams are trash.If we're being honest, we've pretty much all pinched one off while chatting with friends on Messenger, Whats App and so on.But most of us have probably never felt the need to advertise our bowel movements, or felt disappointed that our mates weren't also curling one out at the same time. For instance, the app can also 'keep track of the time you spend on the toilet, so that YOU don't have to'.

Sadly, despite searching on a global scale for other users for close to an hour, I was only paired with one other crapper - some guy called Adrian. Perhaps he was hoping for a female chat partner to schmooze, or maybe he just chickened out.Well, that's a relief, because my turd diary was just getting too difficult to maintain.You'd think that Crap Chat would satisfy that non-existent need quite nicely, but this month a rival was flushed onto the App Store in the form of Pooductive.“Pooductive lets you chat with local and global strangers who are on the toilet, somewhere across the world (or your neighbourhood), at the same time as you,” the app’s website explains.This is actually the second attempt at making Pooductive happen.