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Speaking to the Dallas Morning News in a series of powerful interviews, the now-20-year-old shared how she has struggled to gain control of her life after suffering six years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her mother and stepfather, Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson.

During the adoption process, their lawyer had mistakenly never filed the paperwork to terminate Atkinson's parental rights and they lost on the technicality, sending the little girl back to her mother.

Lauren's filthy living conditions were found when her stepfather invited a neighbor inside to show her the little girl locked inside the closet.

Authorities suggested this was an act of revenge after his wife started meeting men on the internet and taking off for days at a time.

Sources say that it was a challenge for Brunetti to get any projects off the ground since there wasn’t any funding coming into Relativity. That’s almost as much as the total .6 billion rung up at U. and Canadian box offices in 2009—a record if you don’t adjust for inflation—but that second plump figure masks an otherwise ailing motion-picture economy.In the first half of the decade, the movie industry was flush with what one financial source calls “dumb money” as Wall Street charged into Hollywood to invest tens of millions of dollars in motion-picture production as if it were real estate or oil.But these starstruck Gordon Gekkos got their hats handed to them by Hollywood’s Sammy Glicks, who have long been skilled in taking outsiders’ money and kicking them to the curb.Ironically, the glut of movies that resulted from this most recent gold rush resulted not just in burned investors and banks beating a hasty retreat from Hollywood but also in decreased market share for the studios and their independent competition.