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She managed to draw her gaze away from the bottle, still buried in Jean's cunt, and look her flatmate in the face again. The bottle popped out of her fanny quickly, and she lifted it off the chair, putting it on the table instead. "So, we're still playing 'I've Never', but how about we do it a little bit differently now? " asked Jean, suddenly wary of what she might be getting into, but at the same time, incredibly excited by the fact that she was standing there, still naked, in front of her half-nude flatmate. She opened them again as she heard the sound of her flatmate's pee change - what she saw for some reason instantly made her stop peeing mid-flow. Instead, she was on all fours, facing away from Teri.

"Well, you seem to know the rules so well," she said, "perhaps you'd better explain them to me? Teri pulled out the chair in front of her and sat down, pulling herself in close to the table. " Jean looked down at the table, lost in thought for a few seconds. Her knees were spread, putting her pussy on show to her flatmate, even in the low light.

Her hand was covering her fanny, as if she were shy about it now she'd done it. " Jean had absent-mindedly started to draw the bottle back out of herself, and on hearing Teri's rather sharp words, hurriedly stood up. The relief was so great that she closed her eyes, just letting the pee flow out of her.Inspired by Odd Future’s satirical spin on slobbin’ the knob, we asked erotica expert Michael Gonzales to pull together 25 of his favorite examples of aural erotica.What could be better than getting down while going down?At Cam Dudes, you can watch as many free male shows as you like without having to make a deposit and without having to create an account. 100% free public shows means you get to see hot guys get naked on webcam and perform sexual acts without having to pay any money.You can quickly swap from one free male cam show to another with the press of a button.