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“If we didn’t follow even one of their rules we would be beaten and starved for days.

My mother passed away during this time, so I took this abuse for 10 years because I didn’t know any better," she told the page.

Her decision to escape to the NGO changed her life.

“I sometimes think if I didn't have ballet, I would not have anything,” the teenager says in a video posted on a Go Fund Me page. I didn’t realise I could become a ballet dancer.” The teenager has received an invitation from the American Ballet Theatre’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School in New York City.

Among the ABT’s principal dancers are Misty Copeland, Stella Abrera and Marcello Gomes.

When she moved to New York, back in 1998, part of what attracted her to the city was its diversity.

"You can be anyone and anything, and it's kind of normal here," she says.