Shiduch dating

I have gone on good dates, bad dates, so-so dates, and incredible dates.

I have heard stories of girls dating for years to find their true bashert and I have friends who have dated only one guy, he being their bashert.

There I saw the ad for Rabbi Yeheskel and Pearl Lebovic’s Likrat Shiduch Matchmaking Service. We had been dating for 3 ½ months before our engagement. Lebovic suggested Heidi and said: “Zelig, I think Heidi will be good for you”, I had a good feeling.

We know that G-d is the real matchmaker; nonetheless, we still need to exert our most honest efforts.

Sephardic Connection is a program sponsored by Torah Ohr Congregation in Great Neck NY and is available to all Jewish singles featuring activities and events designed to bring Jewish singles to their soul mates.

Comprehensive investigations are not only taking place in the more “right wing” orthodox communities, but are becoming increasingly customary in modern orthodox circles as well.

As a parent who wants to protect and guard my children as much as anyone, I can only imagine the desire that will swell up in me when my children are dating, please God, to do forensic detective work and uncover absolutely everything about whomever might win the heart of my child and contribute to the spiritual and physical genetics of my future grandchildren.