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With the talk about Open311 as an open standard or as common infrastructure, it can be hard for the uninitiated to understand what Open311 really is, especially if they’re not familiar with a traditional government contact center or having a standard phone number. City SDK was set up as a pilot (Pilot Type B) with 6.8 million Euro in funding (3.4 million from the European Commission) from January 2012 to June 2014 within the ICT Policy Support Programme of the Competitiveness and Framework Programme and similar work continues to build on City SDK under the banner of new initiatives. An incomplete list of cities that implement Open311 is being managed on the Open311 Servers page. As a technical standard, it’s a protocol that many of those things can implement to create interoperable systems. There are also great stories of cities bootstrapping one another like the Open311 enabled open source CRM developed by the city of Bloomington, Indiana that’s been redeployed in Columbus, Indiana and Peoria, Illinois. Around the same time, there were a number of cities in Germany and the UK that also began to implement Open311 with the support of platforms like Mark-a-Spot and Fix My Street, but broader adoption really came through the work of the City of Helsinki and the European City SDK program.Samvera software is free and open source, available under an Apache 2 license.Samvera is being used as the basis for a number of institutional repositories (IRs) each of which contains a range of content types. including statewide programs like Commonwealth Connect in Massachusetts and ongoing growth supported by companies like See Click Fix and Connected Bits.This includes the 6Aika project to pilot and scale innovative solutions across the six largest cities in Finland and the Open and Agile Smart Cities program of the Connected Smart Cities Network which is building interoperable systems across Europe and beyond. Federal Government has begun to experiment with Open311 by using it as an open feedback mechanism for requesting data and reporting problems with data – one of the mandates of the U. This page relies on everyone to help contribute and make sure their city is listed.The World Bank has also contributed to the adoption of Open311 around the world including a pilot in the Philippines and ongoing projects in Mozambique and Tanzania. People can make updates or additions by clicking the edit button at the top of the table and proposing the changes through Git Hub.Currently the list is focused on cities that directly host Open311 through their own websites so it does not yet include the full list of Open311 cities available through services like See Click Fix.

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